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This spring semester we had to rethink the way we create music together. And while nothing will take the place of creating art in our classrooms and and on our stages, we're thankful for finding ways we could bridge the virtual divide to play and perform together. 

Until we can see and play with each other again...

Stay creative, stay kind, and we miss you!

Celebrating Choir Seniors

A slideshow celebrating our graduating Choir Seniors, featuring photos and audio of performances from middle school thru graduation

Celebrating Band Seniors

Our annual goodbye performance of "What a Wonderful World", featuring a slideshow of our graduating seniors.

Mariners Show

Every Spring, WBL South Choir students get a chance to perform solos at our "Mariner's Show" concert. This is an incredible chance for the kids to strut their stuff and perform their favorite pop/ broadway/ and other tunes.

Excerpt from "Fantasia"

WBL North Orchestra performing an excerpt from their piece "Fantasia"

"Bridge Over Troubled Water"

WBL North and South choirs performing "Bridge Over Troubled Water"

"You've Got A Friend In Me"

WBL Orch staff performing "You've Got a Friend In Me"

"The Journey"

WBL North and South choirs performing "The Journey", based on Aaron Copland's Simple Gifts

A begining to quarantine...

Spring 2020 Videos

Happy Birthday!

A special performance for all those who's Birthdays we've missed celebrating while apart

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