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WBL Music '20 - '21 Virtual Fundraiser

Showcase Series

Donations Open

This year more than ever our music teachers need our help. With Covid and the need to keep our students safe, our teachers are having to work triple time to create new educational experiences in music. With this years virtual fundraiser, we hope to showcase our excellent student talents - both past and present - to present the incredible work our music program has produced, and inspire a continuing future of White Bear Lake Music.

Click the donate button above to help continue the support music in our schools! There, you will be taken to a secure donation page.

The White Bear Music Booster Club is a non-profit organization formed to support the growing music programs in the White Bear Schools and to be a resource to its Directors, students, fans and the larger White Bear Lake community through fundraising and volunteer activities. If you would like more information on how to donate to the Boosters, please contact us at .


THANK YOU for your support!

Your financial contribution will help support the Orchestra, Choir and Band programs through scholarships, registration fees and enrichment opportunities for our student musicians.

Employer Matches

Consider asking your employer if it matches charitable contributions of employees - you could double the impact of your donation!


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